Saturday, February 1, 2020

The Reference Letter of John Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The Reference Letter of John - Essay Example John proved to be altogether different from the rest of his colleagues as he looked at our business from the perspective of an outsider and this made a huge difference. He helped us to understand that funeral industry is not much different from any other product or service industry with stakeholders such as owners, employees, customers, suppliers, competitors etc. and went about strategizing our operations, even as he plunged himself into executing his specific role with rare zeal. His entrepreneurial streak and leadership qualities came to the fore as he involved himself in activities beyond the call of duty without treading on others’ toes. He is a team player par excellence. John changed the way we looked at our business in a number of areas like inventory control, working capital management, buyer-seller relationships, marketing, customer relations and above all, adopting the technology. All these changes as briefly explained below, have metamorphosed our operations like never before. John critically analyzed the past years’ data on stores and inventory movement and helped to rationalize the inventory management and thus working capital needs. He put in place a system of inventory control that tied up with the corporate goals of growth and profitability. Working capital costs have been brought down by avoiding high stocks slow moving but easily available items, even as incidents of unforeseen emergencies due to ‘stock outs’ of critical items were reduced. He has underlined the role of developing strategic relationships with critical suppliers in order to achieve a rational inventory control, whereby the suppliers are now more confident of their business with us and are willing to meet our demands of prices and delivery schedules.

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