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Analysis tunny style of writing. It helps to relax and raises mood. Sophie Kinsellas books are an excellent sample of chick 11t Actually, chick 11t genre Is a kind of Informal substyle of belles-letters style. The main feature of the style in which Sophie works is subject oriented toa women. In her work. she covers a wide range of pressing issues such as Issues of modern womanhood, relationship Issues, often humorously and lightheartedly. Our text under consideration taken from Sophie Kinsellas book Twenties Girl is nota typical chick lit novel, in the narration is added some element of fantasy, which Is not typical for this genre. However, this element Is necessary for the concept of the plot. Twenties Girl follows the story of Lara, niece toa millionaire guy called Bill Lington who runs a successful coffee chain all over the world. Lara is an rdinary twenty-something business-lady who works at a head-hunting company she set up with her best friend Natalie, right until she decides to disappear, leaving her In the lurch, not having the slightest clue what to do or how to run the company all alone. To make things even worse, her mother has anxiety problems, she just broke up with her boyfriend Josh and to top It all, she has to attend her great-aunts funeral as well. At the funeral of Sadie Lancaster (Laras great-aunt) where the whole family gathered were no flowers or even a photo of the deceased. And at this moment Sadie appears as a ghost but as it turns out, only Lara can see and hear her, no one else. Action of the extract under discussion takes place nowadays In London at the funeral of Sadie Lancaster, where people are not interested in her life while she was alive. came to see her out in the last journey. Her relatives, who look like a celebrity magazine come to life did not express any regret about her death. No flowers, no lovely smell, no singing this proposal, the author shows us the oppressive silence. Guilty silence among the people, who did not even knchN what she liked to do. Shes wearing a cardigan In the picture. Maybe she knitted It. Maybe she liked knitting. Each of them was just waiting for the end of it all. Laras cousin texting on her mobile and keeps looking at her watch, Uncle Bill sprawled on the chair and aunt Trudy, who gives a sudden click ot the tongue ,remem ¶ered about the photo only after a vicars question. I believe, that this passage conve ys the root Idea: emotional state of the main character. Lara, who came at the funeral of a stranger, who, nevertheless, was one of her relative. The second main point of this extract is the idea of disunity In the Lancasters family: they were not only Indifferent to the destiny of their relative, moreover they did not regret about her death. This text, from the logical point of view. can be roughly divided into two parts. The first part begins with Laras interior monologue describing her feelings caused by the need to come to the funeral and the narration shows us relatives came to the funeral and describes their manner of ehavior, thereby implying the atmosphere of indifference that prevailed at the tuneral. The second part describes the key, in my opinion, moment in the plot ot the moment when Lara heard a voice that belonged to her great-aunt, Sadie Lancaster. All characters described by the author look bright and vividly, as if you take part in occurring events. Characters of secondary characters such as Uncle Bill, his wife Trudy and their daughter Diamant are transmitted through their actions. Obviously, the main Character is Lara. The author leads narration from her face, and thereby allows us to penetrate into her inner world. Tautology Ð’Â «my whole entire life, used in Laras words when she thought about feelings of depression because of the funeral, characterizes her as a very emotional girl, but at the same time, she seems very sane, when she tries to convince herself that the voice she heard Just a fgment of her imagination. The second main character of this text can be called aunt Sadies ghost. The author introduces her first description through the photo made in the last years of her life. The author uses hyperbole Her face is folded over a million lines and the metaphor her hair is a translucent puff of candy floss to show how old was this woman. It is impossible to characterize Sadies character proceeding only from this extract. I think in the further course of the narrative author will describe it more detail. The general atmosphere of the extract under analysis causes mixed feelings. Heavvy atmosphere of the funeral mixed with unexpected turn of plot in a quite mystical way and a little bit comical moment when Lara talking to a ghost of her reat-aunt denies her existence- all this creates a mixed feeling, which makes us interested in the further development of the events. Acquaintance with this extract became a discovery for me. Kinsellas writing is something that I absolutely adore you cant help clinging to every word she says, every word she puts down on paper its amazing. She writes with such ease and depth that she can attract her readers from the very first page. In my opinion, this text is wonderfully witty, laugh-out-loud funny and highly emotional at the same time.

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