Monday, November 25, 2019

Naked Killer essays

Naked Killer essays Category III films are those that are realeased in Hong Kong and are not permitted to be viewed by anyone under the age of 18. Because of this label the films carry an expectation of showing what is normally not seen. Be it violence, sex, or language if a film has dubbed Category III then it will contain plenty of these elemtents. However, there are still guidlines to follow in this class. For instance, sex scenes are not merely hardcore sex sequences and must not cross into the realm of pornography. There are also clauses put out by the Film Censorship Ordinance which can be used to censor a film if it portrays certain taboo topics too harshly. It is this closeness to the boundary of forbidden that draws most viewers to see these films. In fact, Category III films have at one point made up almost 50% of all films produced in Hong Kong. These are not underground cult films, but rather highly stylized and artistically edited depictions of all genres. Jing's Naked Killer falls under the category of detective thriller/femme fatale (even though the film has less to do with detectives as it does with lesbian love affairs). The film is full of bright and broad primary colors, from Kitty's numerous outfits to Sister Cindys interesting house. This certainly gives the film a novel look and a good deal more individuality than the sleazier and more formulaic movies. Although it features brutal killings and intense sex scenes, they never quite show anything that is too bloody/gory and the love scenes have absolutely no chemistry, romance, or eroticism. For example, after slicing apart another ruthless man in a swimming pool Princess and her lover Baby are shown groping one another on the pool stairs. The shot starts off with the camera level with the water and it slowly begins to rise up and angle down. Just when the camera begins to reach an angle from which Baby's naked body would be visible, t ...

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